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Style Evolution of Furniture Products under Consumer Upgrading

Many domestic furniture enterprises are still using the old way to develop new products, that is, to find the best-selling funds to directly fine-tune production, or to listen to marketing personnel and designers to say the general trend of market products, regardless of whether the enterprise has this basis to start directly, such as the new Chinese style, currently slightly larger furniture enterprises basically have a new Chinese series of products. Because now we have to talk about national culture, national self-confidence, traditional culture and so on, then the new Chinese style will be the mainstream of the future market, enterprises of course to do. This logic is not a problem, the problem is whether the enterprise can do a good job in new Chinese products, whether there is a competitive advantage in the market, team, distributors, channels, costs and so on.

For powerful large-scale brand enterprises, online and offline products of various best-selling styles are developed and promoted, making mobile furniture or customized, full-style category layout, to meet the needs of arbitrary selection. But in fact, the whole style is only a general term, is the mainstream style product of the market.

The mainstream style of the market is different from the latest fashion style, such as European style, or Jane Euro furniture, which is still one of the mainstream style furniture in the market, but only the popular style many years ago. The European and American classical furniture used to be the absolute mainstream of the domestic furniture market, and lasted for a long time. Now it still has a large market share, but this style obviously does not match the mainstream furniture style in the market. Domestic furniture market, from the reform and opening up to the introduction of western modern furniture design and production concept, influenced by the aesthetic impact of modern trends of thought, after having the ability to buy, European and American classical furniture, neoclassical furniture and Italian modern simple panel furniture quickly occupied the market, and now, the new generation of mainstream consumer groups have new requirements for furniture products. Current consumption upgrading has an impact on the quality and style of furniture products.